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Terms of Use


1.1 Filling out and sending this form is a booking request for Casa da Sebe, located in O Castro - Barizo, in the locality of  Malpica in A Coruña, postal code 15113, and doesn't in any way constitute a formal booking.

1.2 The booking will only be confirmed when the request is received by the management at Casa da Sebe and confirmation is sent to the customer via email for the requested dates.

1.3 The Management atCasa da Sebe is committed to answering booking requests within a maximum period of 24 hours. If a booking request is confirmed by the Management at Casa da Sebe the customer will be sent a detailed calculation of the requested booking. To carry out more urgent bookings, please call 981 721 090.

1.4 If a customer doesn't turn up before 17:00 on the arrival date without previous notice or arrangement with the Management at Casa da Sebe, the booking will be cancelled, and as such the Management at Casa da Sebe will freely dispose of said accommodation.

1.5. Cancellation of bookings. (According to art. 50 of the Lei do Turismo de Galicia. LEI 7/2011, of October 27, tourism in Galicia) When a customer decides to cancel a reservation must compensate the owner of the establishment:

  • The 40% of deposit if the cancellation is made more than 7 days and less than one month in advance
  • 100% of deposit if the cancellation is made seven days in advance or less.

Casa da Sebe Alquiler Vacacional

O Castro - Barizo (Malpica - A Coruña)

Telephone: 981 721 090 / 618 289 052

E-mail: info@casadasebe.net

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